Now, I generally don’t buy much online, but this may be of use and interest to some of you.

If you were a member of TA a few years ago, you may remember that we used to show the cheapest price you could find games online on our game pages.

Those prices came from a game price comparison website that I set up called GameCompare which unfortunately hadn’t been updated for a long time.

We’ve done some work this week to get it back up and running with some new
stores added (including Amazon). The stores are all from the UK and US,
but we’re looking into adding stores from other regions soon.

You can search for games across all platforms on GameCompare, or have a browse using the platform or genre categories.

When you find something you like, clicking on the game will show you the latest prices for the game across the various stores we have prices for:

Clicking the green icon will take you through to the game on the store’s website.

If you register you can also receive an email price alert when a game drops below your chosen price threshold.

We’ve also integrated the cheapest prices into various places on TA:

Your wish list:

There’s also a full list of game prices on the Game Price List page, which is linked from your menu.

On this page you can sort, filter out games you already have, and also see the max TA per pound/dollar available for each game!

If you don’t want to see any of these prices, then there is a setting to hide them in My Settings.

Buying games through these shops also helps support the site as we receive a small affiliate fee for referrals.

Happy shopping!

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