Games, Guns, Gals, and Pals

Let me tell you about the three Gs and the single P. It makes no sense and it is intended.

I’ve just joined this community and I look forward to interacting and gaming with the people here. I’m a fun loving guy and I am good at many video games so I basically win at life!

I primarily play a variety of Xbox games, but I also occasionally play PC games. I enjoy World of Tanks, used to play a lot of World of Warcraft, and I play some stuff on Steam here and there.

If you’d like you can add me on Xbox and we can get this crazy train out of the station.


Welcome aboard. Feel free to add me sjam613 on Xbox and Steam. On Steam I will then add you to the GRG Steam group.

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Ok will do

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Added on both

Welcome to the club. Same name on Xbox. We have a few groups we can add you to in order to be notified about events. Battlefield, Overwatch, ESO, Destiny, Titanfall (?) To name a few.

Welcome swan flew… Where are the gals?

Yeah sounds good. I was looking at some of the groups. I’d like to be added to @codplayers @BattlefieldPlayers @GTAPlayers for starters. I have Destiny but have yet to play it, and I’ll have Destiny 2 when it comes out as well. I want to go back and play through all of the GoW series eventually, and that is definitely more fun as co-op! I play and/or am willing to play quite a few different games.

@Gunny the gals are out there. We just need to locate them without my wife finding out!

Wives know everything.

That being said, welcome to GRG. Destiny 2 is/will be my shit. Look forward to gaming with you.


Welcome to the community.

Pro tip. Clicking on a users avatar will show thier gamertags.

Welcome, friend. Added you on STEAM. Will when I turn my Xbox on again. lol. Been playing mostly on PC since March. Blame it on PUBG.

Welcome to GRG. GT is BrambledWhiskey.

Thanks everyone. Glad to be here

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Welcome to the club!

Welcome to GRG

GT beers and leafs

Welcome to GRG. Sorry I missed you guys in PUBG last night, hope to see you out there. FR sent

Welcome to GRG! Send a FR my way at JohnnyHustler on both XBL and Steam!

I’ve added almost everyone and if I didn’t then add me!

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Welcome to GRG I

Welcome! Nice to see someone else who plays WoT. It’s pretty much the only game I’ve been playing. Actually going to their Let’s Battle Tour Saturday.

I’m a bad forum user, but if you still play WoT Pumpkin I’d like to team up!