GameStop is adding a 2TB hard drive to used PS4 consoles

GameStop is adding a 2TB hard drive to used PS4 consoles

I’ve never been a big fan of buying used games hardware. With used games you can see the state of the disc before you purchase, but with hardware, you can’t see inside and therefore are taking a bigger risk, especially if there’s a hard drive inside.

GameStop has decided to sweeten the deal when it comes to purchasing a used PS4, though. As well as advertising these systems as being “Premium Refurbished,” GameStop has decided to upgrade them with a 2TB hard drive.

Until recently you could only purchase a new PS4 with a 500GB drive, then the 1TB version was announced. If you want 2TB of space you need to upgrade yourself, or buy one of these refurbished consoles.

GameStop is marketing them as PlayStation 4 Supercharged 2TB systems. You also get a free used PS4 game as long as the value is under $30. The price? $479.99. Keep in mind that a new 500GB PS4 is only $399.99 and this doesn’t seem like a great deal. It’s a used system with a larger hard drive, is that worth $80 more than a new model with a smaller hard drive that’s brand new?

If you purchased a new 500GB PS4 ($399) and a new 2TB hard drive ($98), the total cost would be just under $500. Again, this makes GameStop’s used deal look not so great. I’m sure spending the extra $20 and getting all new hardware is going to be preferable for most consumers. GameStop does throw in that free game, though.

Availability of these 2TB units will rely completely on how many used PS4 consoles and 2TB hard drives GameStop has to use. If the package proves popular, they’ll inevitably upgrade more used stock to keep the sales rolling. They’d be a lot more popular priced below $450, though. Right now it’s just too close to the new hardware pricing.

at first i thought this was going to be a good deal… WTF??? unless its a 2tb SSD who the fuck is going to care.