Gaming Weekend 16 - Whacha playing; whacha doing this weekend?


What are you playing this weekend? Are you crucifying in Destiny? Saving a small town from a religious cult in Far Cry 5? Or…maybe you are enjoying the simply complicated adventures in Zelda’s Breathe of the Wild.

What ever your flavor of the weekend is…post up…group up…and lets get friendly…or unfriendly…
If you are just simply undecided and are looking for something new…There are various ‘Spring Sales’ still going on. Let us know what your getting into, you never know who else might be gaming.




I will definitely be spending some time in Far Cry 5…alittle hunting…alittle fishing. Then I know I will be on Monster Hunter and Forza at some point through out.

Ill be picking up GOW tonight and playing that after the hockey game and on into the weekend!

Yakuza 6, GOW, maybe some golf & racing.

PUBG, Vermintide 2, and probably a Stellaris campaign on Sunday.

Erm. Not sure.

Maybe some more TERA? Want to play around with classes a bit more and get our PS4 guild up and running.

Also have a bunch of RL shit to get done too.

I’ll be crying tears of rage at potato teammates in D2 for Iron Banana. Then I might hop on and work on my Season Characters for Diablo 3. I might also download the updates for Smite and Overwatch if anyone is interested.

MLB The Show and God of War

Far Cry 5, Monster Hunter World, Sea of Thieves, and a little Deep Rock Galactic.

Far Cry 5, some more Battle pass grinding in Fortnite, Just picked up My Time At Portia, Maybe start Elite if I get in the mood

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Elite? Elite Dangerous?

yeah i picked it up on sale, got a HOTAS to be a nerd. I havent done much outside of trying the training missions


D2 raid and Iron Banner. Thought I would mix things up this week-end.