Garden of Salvation XBOX Raid 9pm FRIDAY!! 11/22


We are back at it with a beautiful new Vex raid being compared to the Vault of glass.
We made great progress last week…lets get it done this week

Well here we are; looks like some ppl want to run 2x per week and others can only do one night or the the other…so this week we will try running 2 nights, if it goes well maybe this will be the new normal

  • The Raid is 940… (be at least 940 please)
  • Please educate yourself (YouTube etc.) the more you know the better it is for the group (see above)
  • Signed up people gets spots before show ups (and showing up is fine but hard to plan for)
  • If we have more than one team running (more than 2 full groups last week, barely) I will try to balance the teams but keep ppl together that want to run together (think @Sniper_T1 and @Destroyert1 ) I will fail please don’t yell at me, it will hurt my feelings
  • we had like 9 actual sign ups and 2 ALT’s and one last minute signup and one last minute sub last week…we try to get everyone a slot and balance the teams…I do my best; please be cool…and we will get everyone through some day…we keep making progress, more alts backup helps us keep going
  • Our goal to get our GRG guardians comfortable with working with each other and having a good time.
  • I will create a draft roster THURSDAY evening so we can see where are at and make adjustments as needed, please check back, I will post in discord too
  • This is the FRIDAY thread (I used 2 different images to help us keep the thread separate)

I’m in for both days and will respond in both threads. We running GoS both days? Good to continue of a checkpoint.

I’m down for both days as well.

@grex yes GoS…and maybe on the checkpoint…I think the teams might want to vote on this …Also i plan to be an alt on this at this point…(going to NJ to spend wayyyyy to much on a kitten…hope to be back in time)

I can do this Friday…let’s get it

Meant using the checkpoint on Sat from Fri but yeah we can see if people want to continue or start fresh.

So in. Ill rewatch the youtube.

I can be an alt for Friday.

I just got the expansions on XBOX so I’m available for either day that can use me.

I am in for Saturday. Not sure about Friday yet.

Tentative Friday group


Disciple of Hate
Sniper_T1 (ALT)
Cupc4keCh4os (ALT)

9pm what time zone?

I guess it won’t matter if the game never comes back online :frowning:

I’m in VV

Sorry I post everything in east coast time… cuz east coast=sux coast

nice edit @Gunny

lol muah???