Gears 4 Horde DBL XP

If anyones up for some Horde today, its dbl xp in the developers playlist for the 2 new maps.

Good time to get any classes leveled up earn some extra credits.

Hit me up on Xbl. Guts Godhand


I can play once I get home from work, after 4pm CT

I’m in gears right now got a buddy with me if you are on now?

Public horde players are goddamn retarded.

AHUDERP I’m a sniper! let me run around and collect energy! AHUDERP! I’m a Soldier! Lemme buy a repair gun and start building stuff!
AHUDERP I’m a heavy I’m gonna go buy a sniper rifle out of the fabricator!

God. Damn. We. Todd. Ed.

I’m down for tf2 or gow4 tonight.

Well we tried gatsu. But when you slog through 35 waves and your power is non existent… your gonna have a bad time.

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Yeah man. Discounts on building stuff and the scouts deposit bonus are musts. We need to run some 1-20 private hardcore to help get your engineer up some more. I managed to get my heavy to lvl 9 and maxed out 3 abilities.