Ghost Recon Breakpoint Beta - First Thoughts

I probably played an hour or so tonight.
Really enjoyed it, despite playing solo.
Would have kept on fot longer but I’m so tired, will likely pick back up tomorrow though.


  • Good atmosphere
  • Intriguing plot
  • Beautiful UI
  • Excellent option to easily hide HUD and bring it back at press of single button during gameplay
  • Nice audio fade depending on enemy distance
  • Good use of minimap markers for chests and enemy drops


  • AI is possibly a little simple but it’s still very early

Don’t worry about starting weapons, I’ve found about 5 so far now in the first hour.
Didn’t look too closely at the skill tree but glad they’ve changed it to a more progression based model.

Go play!


I’m hoping to get some time in it tomorrow. I’d like to give it a go. Really wish this was a spring title so it wouldn’t face the competition from Destiny and CoD MW (for me at least).

I was going to give it a try, but honestly I know I won’t get it with BL3 in hand and MW on the horizon. I can’t keep 3 games going and not feel like I’m giving each enough time to really enjoy in full.

I’ve already changed difficulty up (which I never do anymore) and switched from Guided mode to Exploration mode.

So glad I did not preorder this. So many micro transactions. No not buying it this year ba bye


I didnt have that much fun with wildlands and dont see this one as much fun either probably gonna skip it. I miss GRAW

This was the first ghost wars I played. It’s a Farcry reskin with name brand gun porn and none of the humor. I have no desire to play it.

They’re really fucking up lately. First Div2 now this. Shame, they used to make good games.

I enjoyed the little I played of it.

Meant to play more on Sunday evening but hadn’t realised the beta ended earlier that day for some stupid reason.