Ghost Recon Wildlands Title Update 6 Released, PvP Open Beta Coming Soon

Title Update #6 released for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands and included a whole host of fixes, changes and improvements to the gameplay, HUD, Missions, UI, the “Fallen Ghosts” DLC, and more. Alongside the release of the title update, Ubisoft also revealed intel on a 4v4 PvP mode called “Ghost War” that will be making its way to the game, but first in the form of an Open Beta for players to test out ahead of the full release.

Starting with the title update, the latest patch brings improvements to the helicopter controls and handling, making them easier to control as well as more authentic. The new controls will automatically be set to default but if you do want to change them back to the original controls, you can do so by simply deactivating the default and choosing your previous set up. On top of this, Ubisoft has also added crosshairs for aiming, guided rockets, and made other improvements that you can find in the full list of patch notes below:

Title Update 6 will also usher in season three of the Live Season Challenges, with a new focus, new challenges, and new rewards! Additionally, Challenges will now include some additional gameplay parameters such as difficulty or HUD settings. You can follow along with the new episodes at the Ghost Recon Network.


  • Added a new default helicopter controls, that can be deactivated in order to revert to the previous controls:
  • Now the triggers control the vertical speed (LT = Vertical descending speed, RT = Vertical ascending speed)
  • The left stick controls the horizontal speed (Up/Down = Forward/Backward, Left/Right = Left/Right)
  • Left/Right on the right stick controls the rotation speed of the chopper
  • Up/Down on the right stick controls the rotation speed of the camera (doesn’t impact the helicon pitch; this gives a feeling of the player controlling the camera, and the helicopter follows the camera)
  • Every helicopter now has a different behavior
  • Small helicopters are very fast, very mobile, and have a high pitch
  • Gunships are fast, mobile, and have a very military feeling to them
  • Blackhawks are slower and more steady when handling
  • Helicopters take off physics are now more realistic. Once the helicopter reaches the correct RPM, it will take off automatically
  • The helicopters no longer slide while taking off
  • Helicopter engine torque reacts to the player’s actions (The player will be able to hear and see the engine rotors accelerating or slowing down)
  • Improved destruction of helicopters on impact


  • While using a gatling chopper, the HUD now displays a crosshair while aiming
  • While using a rocket chopper, the HUD now locks onto targets
  • While using a small chopper with rockets, instead of locking, the player shoots rocket salvos
  • Added a HUD display that shows the current helicopter speed and altitude


  • In "La Gringa" : -Fixed a bug where the objective marker could disappear
  • In "El Chido’s Agent" : -Fixed a bug preventing missions completion if the agent gets alerted


  • Fixed a bug where the “Down” symbol wouldn’t always appear


  • Player will hear helicopter engines speeding up and slowing down upon accelerating/decelerating


  • Fixed some zones where player could not climb


  • Fixed a bug where some rebel skills wouldn’t be displayed on the HUD
  • Fixed a bug where some elements in the TacMap and the Los Extranjeros tab would be stretched on the ultra-wide aspect ratio displays

Take a quick look at how different the helicopter now controls in the following video:

The latest title update for Ghost Recon Wildlands is already live.

In a later update scheduled to make its way to the game towards the end of the year with an open beta to come ahead of the mode’s release, “Ghost War” introduces a new PvP mode. In the new mode, players will square off in 4v4 battles and fight for control in Bolivia after the demise of the Santa Blanca Cartel. Each team will be able to choose from specialised classes such as Scout, Sniper, Tank, and more, and each one will come with its own strengths, weaknesses, and perks. Once happy with your class selection, take to the world of Bolivia in open-environment maps as players do battle within the mountains, deserts, jungles, and forests. During matches, there will be different types of weather and different times of day to either help or hinder players as they work their way through the varying conditions on the hunt for their enemy.

Lucian Istrate, lead game designer behind the title, talks about the objective behind the new mode:

Our objective with Ghost War was to build upon the main game’s elements of co-op teamplay and open, tactical gameplay. To expand the tactical toolset, the team has added a new suppression system that affects your vision while you’re under heavy fire, and implemented new sound markers to help players locate their enemies’ position. Istrate cautions that “all of these elements will make team play, communication, and strategic skills more crucial than ever.

Take your first look at the upcoming PvP mode in the following video:

Who better to playtest and provide feedback on the content than the passionate community of Ghost Wildlands themselves? In this following video, Ubisoft hosts a workshop and selects various dedicated players to come to their studio and try out the new “Ghost War”:

The open beta for “Ghost War” will be going live this Summer, with the full version of the new mode looking to release this Fall.

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I will definitely be giving the PvP a go…and FINALLY…the did something with the Helo controls…they were absolutely terrible before.

Helo controls almost like the drone now. Very maneuverable. My bro and I took out the escorts for some convoys giggling the whole time. The helicopter finally serves a purpose other than transport!