GhstWlkrs presents FORZA HORIZON 3 8/6

Bring back the SPEED…Bring back the FURY…Welcome to Shenanigans on Wheels!!!

Yes its back…SUNDAY NIGHT RACING…Come trade paint with GrumpyInt, watch Lala Calamari use the power of Grumpkin to overtake, and see the amazing weird paint jobs of D1G1TALC1PHERS(Dont get in the Van, its a trick).


Races for the Night: (All Races will be Class A)

  • Asian Sports Cars vs. European Sports Cars

  • Classic Muscle vs. Retro Muscle

  • OFFROAD Race(Vehicle of your choice)


After we cycle through the 3 categories, it will be open lobby, open choice for what ever the group fancies.


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I’m in as long as @EnyoBellona is banned from using his model T rocket truck.

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Notice that it is not in any of the races choices lol

Who is joining up with Enyo this evening?

Count me in. Was just listening to a couple of the songs from the soundtrack and thinking about how much fun the game was.

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Ooh dont be shy… custom designs, aussie backdrop, and Reapers in the back mirror… Come one, Come All…The Reapers are headed down under.

Please note that Enyo has this starting at 8 PM Embiid Standard Time rather than 9 PM.

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8 works for me. Have a big day tomorrow.

Yeah i like to start alittle earlier being its back to work on Monday.

Starting up in 15min @ForzaPlayers

Come join me and @Sniper_T1 as we go through various races.

We are currently doing the co-op campaign until more ppl join in… XB1 Party up

XB1 Gamer Tag: GhstWlkrs


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