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My name is Justin and I am currently living in Iowa, USA. I found this clan while looking for a adult COD and Destiny2 clan on xbox. I am a casual player, but like to be on a few nights a week and do some team activities. I look forward to gaming with folks from here.

  • Justin

Welcome aboard. I will make sure to add you to my Xbox friends list.

Welcome Justin!

I’ve added you to the DestinyPlayers forum group.

I do have an X1X but I don’t play it much yet, mostly on PS4 and PC.
Don’t worry, there’s a whole bunch of others here who are on Xbox.


Welcome to GRG.

Welcome…look for me (I should be on by 9:15 est)on xb1 grg clan in d2 if you. I will add you to my FL I still have 2 heroic edventures to do on one character this week and everything yet to do on my titan. I don’t care what @Lala_Calamari says the snowballs are fun and do tons of damage to enemies. Look forward to playing with you.

Ps, we are making another run at the raid lair this week on Saturday, Many are on by 8pm, I will be there at 9…if we have more than 6 we party up and break up into different groups

See Rabb proves that you can escape Iowa too!!!

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Welcome to GRG

GT beers and leafs on the XBone.

Welcome man

GT Mowerguy90

I added you to my friends list and sent you over an invite to the XBox GRG club.

I also see you’ve been added to the @DestinyPlayers group.

XBox GT: Lala Calamari