Going Underground Saturday Evening

Since the Division was a flop on Community Night this week, I’m going Underground Saturday at 6PST.

Due to the time difference and my busy work schedule, I don’t get a chance to play with GRG much, so join up if you’re around and celebrate Canada Day weekend with this grumpy ass Canadian bastard. Grab some beer and let’s go hunting!

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Fuck Canada? Ask beers!

Just ignore everything @Gunny says. He’s just a babbling drunk with a gun.

Would… Tough crowd. Must not gotten enough poutine!

Hey now. You leave the sacred poutine out of this.

Ftr… I’d totally nail poutine!

I should be on, it’s pretty much the only game i’m playing right now

Poutine…sounds like a name for a chubby stripper

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I’m not sure how I’d feel about a stripper covered in gravy.

Reminder, tonight I’ll be checking out the Underground expansion at 6PST. If anyone is interested in joining, hit me up. I haven’t played this DLC yet and would like to run through it. My DPS is 116K, so I should be good for normal difficulty.