Golgoroth - How To

Since some of you special snowflakes can’t quite figure out how to kill Golgoroth efficiently, I figured I’d do a quick write-up that’s helped the PS4 side lately. It’s pretty lengthy, but it’s worth the read. I’m also going to skip all the boring shit about the ADs in the beginning. If you can’t kill them, then just quit.

For this to work, you will need 2 people to run as “gaze runners”. These people will be responsible for both capturing Golgoroths gaze, as well as helping to eliminate any Cursed Thrall or Taken Thrall that might endanger your other Fireteam members. These other members are responsible for straight DPS to Golgoroth.

First step after taking care of ADs is to get into position (don’t mind my crude M$Paint drawing):

Everyone: After killing ADs, members should start shooting the first bubble (generally this has been the front-left one). During this time, it is imperative that one of the gaze runners grab his attention (by shooting the lit up area on his back) and position themselves behind the first Pool of Reclaimed Light. This will turn Golgoroths back to the second gaze runner, who should position themselves on the opposite ledge that sticks out in the back. This ledge will be used to keep Golgoroth’s gaze in the next step.


DPS Team: After the Pool of Reclaimed Light has been burst, a Titan with Weapons of Light should place their bubble in the appropriate position in the drawing above. This will allow both cover and easy transition from one Pool of Light to another. Players who are not the gaze runners should make their way through the WoL bubble and into the Pool of Light. Aim for his stomach and do as much damage as possible.

Gaze Runners: You should be watching your timer and communicating to your partner when to take it. Due to the next step, the first person to grab his gaze should keep him locked as long as possible before the back gaze runner initiates the turn. Once you start to run down to about 3 seconds, alert your partner to take the gaze, and then move on to the next step:


DPS Team: After the second gaze runner takes his attention, your job becomes even easier. You’ll have about 15 seconds to secure the second Pool of Reclaimed Light. Make your way through the WoL bubble again and into the Pool of Reclaimed Light. Kill any ADs in your way and wait for the gaze runners to get Golgoroth in position.

** In haste, I made the red arrow signifying the first gaze runner to run all the way right; this is not needed.

Gaze Runners: The person who takes the gaze from the first runner will need to not do anything but wait for the gaze to be taken back. You are strictly there to distract Golgoroth while your team moves from one Pool to another. Once it’s taken back, jump to the other platform on the other side. The first gaze runner needs to stay behind Golgoroth until the DPS Team has burst the second Pool of Reclaimed Light. Once they are ready, take his gaze back from your partner to allow the DPS team to do more work.


DPS Team: After the back gaze runner takes his gaze for the third time, you’ll need to vacate the second Pool and start shooting the middle-left Pool. Once you have popped it, move into position for the gaze runners to turn Golgoroth.

Gaze Runners: Communicate your timing, take the gaze when needed. MAKE SURE YOU WATCH HIS BACK! As the runner waiting to take it, make sure to watch his back. After a certain amount of time, he will automatically close it, not allowing you to take his gaze. Notify your DPS Team how much time they have left, and then tell them to GTFO of center and back into position to kill ADs.

Rinse and repeat

Let me know what you think! Hopefully this will help those folks out struggle-busing through this Boss. Once you have the mechanics and flow down, this Boss becomes a piece of cake. If you all like this, maybe I’ll make some for the other Bosses.

If you’re still having issues, take a look at this video that has no correlation to the post I made. They use all 6 orbs to take him down 80% health in one try.


One ball method it easy mode. We have no issues with it that way.

I really like the time and effort you put into this, good job. We have pretty much followed this model for the most part, but the one bubble method is what works best for us. There’s definitely more to it, resetting the AD phase every time, but I prefer it because we have a chance to regroup.

Again, good job!

Good Job Alpha! Even if I have no clue what you’re talking about Lol

Great job Alpha, you are most helpful.

Awesome post thanks for putting this together.