Good run in the Dark Zone

Spent some time on my AlphaBridge build and it’s getting better. Worked on recalibrating gear. Numbers are almost there. I’m missing a few proper pieces (Barrett’s Chest piece).

Ran for a bit with @shortbus and made several extractions. Later on I hooked up with @ReaperMan10 and ran for a few hours. We got tons of loot and cleared out all the shit in DZ5 and DZ6. We did run into a few agents, most were cool. One group ganked us. (I didn’t lose any loot as all I had was a stupid baseball cap) Pissed off Lala ran out of spawn to go get them and managed to kill one (worked with other agents to kill the rest). Then we continued to get more loot.

Worked on my build some more and numbers are creeping up. Still not sure how I’m going to hit the 400k mark. We’ll see.

BTW, I’m a rich bitch in Division. I have like 25 million or whatever.


Good Times @Lala_Calamari, managed to double my DZ$ with all those sealed caches. DZ06 was a veritable ghost town. My Banshee set makes it fun to good off in the Dark Zone again.

I played solo for about 40 minutes yesterday and was able to raise my gear score a bit. Got a few of the green gear set items.

I tried the first Underground solo. I think I had 1 guy left to kill and I rolled into a grenade and died.

underground solo is rough. Matchmake or team up with 256’s, you will breeze through it.

I don’t play with randoms.

I tried a Challenging Underground late last night with randoms and realized my AlphaBridge Build isn’t going to work in PvE. Just doesn’t hold the ammo I need. Going to build up a PvE build next. Get a M60 and maybe sniper.

Most randoms aren’t bad. Game isn’t that hard but does require a fire team. I just don’t party up.

We ran into a few agents throughout the night but they weren’t looking for a fight. Later on we ran into rogues but they weren’t camping assholes. It was fun going after them to break it up some.

hard Is the toughest I would run in underground solo but the best loot Is still in the dz plus you can farm the free roam bosses and get loot faster then in the underground. and @Lala_Calamari you can use your alpha bridge for pve with just a few interchangeable tweeks. with the right talents and right weapons you can mow shit down. get the pakhan from the base and get yourself an M60 E with skilled and commanding in it and make sure they are unlocked. commanding makes it to were every kill you get it extends you ult’s time duration and with skilled every head shot kill you get you get extra resource to you ult to make it recharge faster. use tactical link and mow down the enemies and make sure to aim for the head