Good XB1 Offline Games?

So in the process of a big move and may not have the internet access consistently.

Do yall have any suggested/recommended games for the XB1 that can be played offline without the internet connection?

Seriously considering closing this thread.
Not sure anything will beat that response.


I’ve been playing Wastelands 2. Top down RPG from the makers of the original Fallout. Or any of the Fallouts for that matter. Skyrim, Oblivion.
Obviously, I enjoy RPG timesinks.

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Not sure if you can play assassin’s Creed offline, but I assume you can. Even the 2.5D sidescrollers are good. The two tomb raider reboots you can play offline and they are good for a bit.

You got to play DOOM . Campaign is awesome !!!


Thanks for the suggestions. I have a few of these and will have to test their offline capability.