Greetings and salutations

My name is Brett, sometimes I use Skrimp as an online alias.
I’m married and have a little girl due early 2018, who will be my first child.
I’m a police officer as a career.
I play a large variety of games, just add me on steam: brettarchey, or PSN: Archey88 and i’d be happy to play games with you if I got 'em.
Looking to join a group of awesome people so I don’t have to play games by myself anymore, and hope I can fit in with you all. :smile:


Welcome and thank you for your service! Feel free to hit me up on PSN if you see me there. PSN: DoneFlawlessly

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Welcome to GRG.

Welcome aboard.

Welcome Brett.

I’ve added you to the PCGamers and PS4Players forum groups.
Here’s a thread on what the forum groups do.
You can apply to join any of the others from this page.

I’ve sent you an invite on PSN (Olz_3) though I can’t find you on Steam.
Add me (unobtainable) or any of the other Steam group admins.

Then we can get you into the community groups on those platforms.
That just helps with adding other GRG members based on their handles.

Check the forums regularly to see information about upcoming events or general chat.
Let us know what you’re playing at the moment!

@DoneFlawlessly i saw you applied to the first destiny clan. Apply to the secound one. All the ps4 guys are on that one.

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Welcome to the site and the clan