GRG Battlefield 1 Night 10/21


Join GRG as we play Battlefield 1 on release Night. MNVikesfan will be hosting the Xbox rooms.

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I am in.

Battlefield early release trial is live now. If you ha e ea access @TexasReaperCrew


Looking forward to more BF1 tonight. If 2fat shows up my main goal will be to destroy his tank. Don’t think I’ll be too successful there.

I finally got settled enough that I hope to be joining tonight.

You’ve been warned.

I hope to be on.

I’ll be on.

As long as you behave and chill out.

I’ll be there if they stop getting DDOS.

I will be on.

I’ll be on the ps4 side!

Good games tonight all. We had a full party chat going with people waiting to get in. @Azalin4savioR and his team was a great XP party train. I think I got reported for boosting off them.


We need people to be a little bit courteous when jumping in a party and joining a different server than the rest of us are in.

It throws up a pop up asking if you want to join the server. If you are mid play and press “A” when the pop up hit you leave the server you are in.

It sucks because it is so hard to get back into a server/squad at this point. I ended up quiting last night because of it.

I know don’t press “A” not so easy when the pop up happens back to back to back. So please if you join a party and aren’t going to play on that server please inform the whole party so they know a pop up is coming and can be prepared. I would much rather pause and possibly die than leave the server against my will.


That pop-up is so damn annoying.


Yeah that option is a bit annoying. I found it odd that it kept spamming me with server invites when I was waiting to jump onto the server the group was is. That and I have yet to see some sort of waiting to join group status. I’m prob looking in the wrong place though.

Renting a server should solve a lot of our issues with joining/re-joining a group. After seeing first hand how difficult it was getting and keeping a group together I will kick in for the rental. Otherwise good times.