GRG Battlefield 4 Night - 6/30

Lala Calamari will be hosting a night of BF4 action on 6/30. Looking to round up a few squads and kick some ass. We’ll mostly be playing Core Conquest.

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I’m home from work around 6 PST. I’ll join up if squads are still rolling.

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Isn’t 6pst 9est? If so, that’s when we’ll just be starting.

It is

Also, for anyone who hasn’t played in a while, grab the free DLC which includes the old BF3 maps. Check Deals With Gold

I will attempt to make an appearance.

I was just told I have to work late that night now. I probably won’t make it before you Eastern time zone guys go to bed.

Bump! Get your asses online and lets shoot some fuckers tonight!

Sounds good, see you guys tonight.

I’ll hop on to give out chopper lessons if anyone is interested

Im down. hey you guys should play. does that help promote the event?

I’ll be on tonight.

I’ll be on so count me in.

I shall be there. Got a new coleman sleeping back to test out. @Azalin4savioR :grin:

I can’t play. I didn’t buy bf4 I only downloaded the free test play that week and didnt buy it when it was out for $5. Crap.

Good games last night, we had a pretty good turn out despite a lot of people on vacation and what not.

@mnvikesfan @D1G1TALC1PHERS @Elgr8one @TexasReaperCrew @TheBodyFarmer

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Definitely a good time! Look forward to the next one!!

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Sorry I missed it. After the shit with the camper I was in a rotten mood, so I just called it a night.