GRG Battlefield 4 Squad up!



Join us tonight as GRG will be forming squads for BF4. We’ll be playing the Core Conquest and forming squads around 9:00 PM EST.

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I’ll be forming squads up around 9:00 PM BST for the XB1. I’ll be playing standard Core Conquest. Let me know here if you’re interested in joining in. Also, feel free to just crash my XBox Live party and join in.

It’d be awesome if someone can step up and form a PS4 squad. Run BF4 tonight on both consoles.

Need to see if I have it all downloaded but if so will try to join up.

If all goes well, I will see you then.

I’ll be on xbone side.

Sweet…i will be joining in. Is someone gonna give squad commands this time around?

Mention teamwork one more time and I’ll lock you in @D1G1TALC1PHERS gimp closet.

People really use these commands seriously?

And if I set an objective, would anyone listen?

@anon36214017 will defend the Trench until the end.

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@TexasReaperCrew yeah…you get more points when utilizing the command system. Both for the squad leader and members

if so, it’ll be a first.

I should be able to make it.

count me in!

I only want in the pants of those that valiantly defend our objectives.

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I will probably be on.

Fantastic time last night with at least 12 if not more of us on. I have so many double xp boosts it is unreal. Hoping we can squad up some more, forgot how much fun BF is.

I love with my shitty skills that I can have an awful k/d and still be toward the top of the scoreboard.

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Good games last night. It was a great turnout, we had a ton of GRG on. Not bad for an impromptu BF4 event. I guess the BF1 hype is real.

People in the room:
@APMech12 @Azalin4savioR @catsweat @D1G1TALC1PHERS @EnyoBellona @mnvikesfan @se7enstitch @anon3687162 @Sniper_T1 @TexasReaperCrew @GrayBush @TheBodyFarmer @assassin_ginger Even 2fat joined in to teach us how to use tanks.

Here’s 2 memorable moments from last night.

Splatting Cat!

Easy Tags

(taken from @TheBodyFarmer)


Thanks again for the invite Vikes… It was good games as usual! Awesome to see that many people in a party playing Battlefield!

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