GRG Battlefield Night (XB1) 8/25

Lala Calamari will be hosting a night of BF4 action. Looking to round up a few squads and kick some ass. We’ll mostly be playing Core Conquest. Sign up here if interested.

I’ll be on, but I have a ballgame at 7, so I’ll be closer to 9:30.

I’ll be on around 9.

I be an around 9

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I will be on between 8 and 9 eastern.

I should be on around 9

There is a 3.9 GB update for the new UI. Start downloading now.

Excellent turnout tonight.

@Azalin4savioR, @D1G1TALC1PHERS, @deSoldier2001, @anon42851937, @Lala_Calamari, @mac79pr, @Moop_Machine, @Sniper_T1, @TexasReaperCrew, @TheBodyFarmer, and…

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Such a large group the site only lets me mention 10 people in it, thanks a lot @Grex

Seems like I should make a battlefield group.

Good thing I got all the great feedback from the staff the other day.

Well, not sure my participation in the queue or the loading screen counts. The update had not finished and did not allow me to play anything. Wish I could have though, :cry:

You showed up that is enough you magnificent bastard.

Well, I feel better now.

BTW, did anyone else get the message "Cannot join Server - Already in Game Session"
I hadn’t seen that one before.

You’d get a better response talking to a wall. Or even my teenage kid.

While we had a great turnout I think we need to talk about party chat. It was a fucking mess of confusion. So many people talking and some yelling about nonsense. I really think that with a party that size people need to learn to use the Mute button for bitching and moaning.

Also, stop being so simple guys. We’ve all played BF before. It was painful getting everyone to even acknowledge they got invites.

Finally, if we get a crowd that large for BF1 we may want to start looking at possibly renting a server. That COSTS Money and I already pay enough as is for the site. So you fuckers would have to pony up. If everyone tossed in a couple of bucks I’m sure we’d be able to get a server for a few months until GRG’s ADHD kicked in and we move to a new game.

And I’m sorry about the queue. I wasn’t sure what the numbers in brackets meant. Apparently it’s reserved slots. And we couldn’t use them as thr server had space.

Yeah, I feel like @Azalin4savioR was screaming, and/or whining most of the night so just let people know you are muting them. @Lala_Calamari needs to send more game invites, was leaving half the team off the server.

I can contribute 1-2 DeNiro toward BF1 server.

I was providing useful call outs. :joy::joy::joy:

They were simulating real war!!! It all about authenticity lol

Can you rent a server for the BF1 Beta?