GRG BLOPS 3 XBONE Free For All Tournament 2/17

Who’s interested in a GRG BLOPs 3 Free For All tournament? Just a simple, quick tournament with some whacky game types designed by the Evil Canadian AKA @beers_and_leafs. Trying to gauge interest now.


Yes yes yes fuck yes.

I’m in.

Put me on the list to play

I am in,

I could get in on that

I’ll play.


I would be willing to try it out.

Sure, but make sure everyone knows to fuck off and expect the unexpected.


I’m in!!! :sunglasses::+1:

If I can make this one I would be okay with being somebody’s bitch

Agreed. This will not be your standard type games.

It seems this should be a go. Let me know how I can help.

I am in.

yep ill join, sounds like fun


I actually don’t think a PS4 player has signed up yet.

This is still on for tonight. It will be more of a Shits and Giggles type of event than an official tournament. I have been sicker than all hell since Sunday and put GRG on the back burner (SHAME!).

Anyway @beers_and_leafs has been busy crafting some odd FFA game modes. These will not be our standard modes of play. There will be unknown twists in each match. There will be at least 6 games and we’ll record winners throughout the night.


Good games in the XB1 FFA tournament / fuckaround. Thanks @beers_and_leafs for putting together those game types! It was nice to play some offbeat CoD.