GRG CoD IW Beta Sign up 10/21

Starts in 9 Days, 7 Hours

October 21, 2016 9:00 pm - 12:00 am

Yeah, yeah, yeah all the haters’ gonna hate, hate, hate and all the players’ gonna play, play, play. Let’s see what Infinite Warfare is really gonna be – a Community Night Staple or a bunch of cancelled pre-orders.

@beers_and_leafs is hosting this event. Sign up here.

Jee whiz Batman, wife is gonna kill me but yes I am in. Ordering it now.

I’ll try the beta.

I’m playing the beta

also @Azalin4savioR, if I see you in my guild bank I’ll cut your hands off.

I’m robbing that bitch BLIND!

you turd burgular

Count me in!

pre ordered will be in for sure !

I will pre-order and give it a try

battlefield 1 here I come


lol, isn’t this a CoD thread?

I’m sure you will be.

But, will you be with anyone here?

I thought you left GRG. :smiley::sweat_smile::laughing:

Shit I don’t play destiny or halo or the division so really it’s battlefield or cod for me to play with people.

People play the Division :scream:

I just had some “legal” issues…