GRG Community Night 1/13


It’s the GRG weekly Community Night. A time were GRG groups up and shoots each other in the face.@Disneynut68 is planning to host the BLOPS3 room on the XB1. @D1G1TALC1PHERS will be heading up the crew in Ark as they roofie more unsuspecting enemies! TexasReaperCrew is looking at hosting a RB6 room on the XBox while LanceHung will be running a room for Rainbow Six for the PS4 crowd.

Place holder for 1/13’s Community Night

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XB1ers, let’s get a group together and siege some terrorists in the ass!

I miiiiight be able to tackle some blops3 time :slight_smile:

I’m planning on some Ark if I can get in the server. Otherwise, I’ll go with Blops3.

I’ll be on for some BLOPS also.

Might be a rough night if MS doesn’t fix parties.

Has ms fixed their issues? Haven’t been able to get any mp games today in halo. I see my list shows a few people in Blops but my network connection shows it’s still junk. Thinking of getting on but I don’t want to be that guy glitching his way around maps.

I’m gonna try and get on in 5 minutes

I am getting on now

Good games on Blops last night with @HAWKLANDER @beers_and_leafs @TexasReaperCrew @TheBatmel @AshleySommerfield @AtariGamer68 and some others I’m forgetting (shut up I’m old). I’ve come back into the CoD fold after a long exile in Destiny and the games last night were a lot like the old 2o2s days: @Disneynut68 fucked up all the game settings and of course @Azalin4savioR wouldn’t shut up… Good times. Also there: @Grex and @GrayBush


Yeah you need to get on more man !!

I thought that what generals did? Was I supposed to contribute or just direct? I am so confused. :joy::yum:


In the rear with the gear!

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