GRG Community Night 1/16/19

The long time tradition continues! Let’s squad up and get in some games together! Who’s going to be on tonight? Let’s get those fireteams formed!

@Fallout76Players @PlayStationPlayers @ESOPlayers @battlefieldplayers @PUBGPlayers @codplayers @ArkPlayers @destinyplayers @PCGamers

@destinyplayers (Xbox) I’ll be looking for a squad for IB. Got a pretty new Blast Furnace to break in. Also have a ton of Forges to do…so jump in the backpack and let’s do this…

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After a grueling 40 hour download I might be on @Fallout76Players
I still have another 18 hours for BFV @battlefieldplayers

Hit me up whether I’m online or not



I will be online tonight.
Haven’t decided yet what to play - BFV and FO76 are high contenders.

Will have a PSN party running, I’ll invite anyone I see online but feel free to drop in too!


Sadly, I owned this game.

I’ll be on tonight as well. Trying to figure out what game I’ll be playing though. Destiny, BLOPS 4 or BF5. Decisions, decisions.

I owned it as well and since I was a kid probably didn’t hate it.

I have an away game but hope to be on after. Probably Atlas since Valiant doesn’t like me in Destiny.

i will be on COD on the XBox.

@DarkNiteRaven hopefully you have fallout downloaded so we can go launch some nukes with @unobtainaballs and if we get enough i may just try to stream the event

I checked it this morning @TwistedGunsmith
Download finished. But 18 hours for BFV.
Damn internet companies…I swear

My level-20 ass is going to be a complete hindrance.
Fair warning.

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By the time were done with you youll be up at least 10 to 15 levels

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Tis true. With @TwistedGunsmith doing the melee and if we grab coolride or Grey (The explosive experts) and me running strictly rifles…Yea. i went from 30ish to 47 thanks to Whitespring resort and all the folks out there that helped.


I’ll be on Atlas tonight.

I had ET as well. I remember it was frustrating. Year later we all found out it was the first broken major release.

Not sure yet what I’ll be on but looks like Fallout might be in order so I can catch up with @unobtainaballs and @DarkNiteRaven

Blackout or D2 might get played as well at some point

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I have business trip tonight…hope to be back on tomorrow @destinyplayers
Kill em good for me…get great rolls on your forge weapons and have some great stories tonight…or make them up, I will not know


Id be down to finish the night off with some blackout

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Definitely some D2 tonight on (XBOX)

Got @DarkNiteRaven @SoInZane and @unobtainaballs in a live stream me and raven are going to launch a nuke on whitespring and run zane and olz through for some good xp

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Good times in Atlas tonight with @anon42851937 @D1G1TALC1PHERS @Rlile11 @TheBodyFarmer