GRG Community Night 1/17

It’s time for our community night! We sure don’t have a shortage of games to play now. Take your pick, or play all of them throughout the night. We’ll have parties all over the place.

So let us know what you’re playing and when you’ll be on. Let’s squad up and kick some ass!

@PlayStationPlayers @ESOPlayers @DivisionPlayers @BattlefieldPlayers @PUBGPlayers @codplayers @ForzaPlayers @ArkPlayers @DestinyPlayers @PCGamers

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Pubg xbox

I got eso destiny battlefield and cod I’m on around 6 or 7pm central

I will be on Destiny (PS4) around 5 PM CST… Faction Rallies are back this week so ill be grinding those and milestone engrams

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Down for PUBG or ESO on Xbox

My on campus wifi NAT issues kill me so will try to connect with whatever is the bees knees for tonight.

Should be on PUBG

Like last week, I’ll start COD at 9 and see what happens.

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Lots and lots of modded Minecraft. I’ll continue raising @GrumpyInUt’s property value by virtue of living close to one another.

Put an abandoned plastic pool in the middle with a plastic swan floating around.

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PUBG. Those chicken dinners are tasting better and better.


I’ll be on tonight. Early though. Like 3PM Eastern.

Playing Fortnite or Destiny 2 or Warframe.
Will have a PSN party going.


PUBG on Xbox. Hopefully.

Faction Rally in D2 so c’y’all there


D2 running Milestones and Faction stuff.

I’ll probably be running some PUBG on XBox

Hoping to make it on for some PUBG tonight…

What timezone are you in?

EST - the only one that matters

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