GRG Community Night 1/2/19

First Community night of the new year! Let’s squad up and get in some games together! Who’s going to be on tonight? Let’s get those fireteams formed!

@Fallout76Players @PlayStationPlayers @ESOPlayers @battlefieldplayers @PUBGPlayers @codplayers @ArkPlayers @destinyplayers @PCGamers

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I will be hunting for booty in Atlas and building our base.

The server we are on is boat only PVP. The server is not completely setup so if you do play be aware they may take it down, wipe it, etc. Here is the info for it…

@JohnnyHustler @sjam613 and myself are on a team.

@TheBodyFarmer @Rlile11 and 2 of Farmer’s friends are on a team.

More are welcome to join at anytime. I need help! :rofl:

No Password

Caution Watch out for the Chinese.


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I’m in search of the Blast Furnace tonight. I didn’t get as far as I wanted to with unlocking the third forge. I’m at the strike part and need a fireteam. Then I’d like to grind for a solid god roll of the Blast Furnace. I want this gun. Wife and youngest are away so I should be on early to run the strike. All you @destinyplayers whores should join my party and carry me through this.

I will likely be on trying to grind my light over 600 and finish the first Forge.

I will be doing something on Destiny.

I need to run the enhanced strike as well so I’m in

Cool, I’ll hit you up. I tried to solo it late last night but got killed when a boss drop ship landed on me. Stupid luck.

I think @ezekielJP needs it as well. We were supposed to run the strike last night but I got really delayed finalizing the ReaperCast. I didn’t get to the strike until 11ish my time.

Ill be on some Blackout or Destiny 2 @PlayStationPlayers

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I’ll be on fallout most likely. If not im tearing back into The Division…Or BFV. If all else fails and i do game alone I’ll end up playing Spyro…



@GreyJedi is on Fallout I’m pretty sure


Good games last night with @beers_and_leafs and @Grex, thanks fellas!!

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