GRG Community Night - 1/20

Alright GRG, it’s community night. Grab your beverage of choice and shoot fellow Reapers in the faces. Or, stomp them with some prehistoric beast. Either way, get on tonight for typical GRG Shenanigans!

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Ok, it’s community night ya crazy bastards. What are we playing? Will there be a Blops3 room? Ark? Elite Dangerous? Rainbow 6? Weigh in with your game and system, dammit!

Probably on Elite trying to earn some straight up credits.

I’ll be on rb6 on XB1

Look for me on RB6. But I won’t be on late.

Since it seems everybody will playing RB6, I’ll stick to Destiny

Either Grex or I will be hosting the CoD room. It’ll run better because we’re not Disney.


COD on the X1.

I’ll probably be on Halo if anyone wants to play!

I’ll be on RB6 as usual

Cod on the one.