GRG Community Night - 1/24/18

It’s time for our community night! We sure don’t have a shortage of games to play now. Take your pick, or play all of them throughout the night. We’ll have parties all over the place.

So let us know what you’re playing and when you’ll be on. Let’s squad up and kick some ass!

@PlayStationPlayers @ESOPlayers @DivisionPlayers @BattlefieldPlayers @PUBGPlayers @codplayers @ForzaPlayers @ArkPlayers @DestinyPlayers @PCGamers

Quick Reference guide for tonight. Look for the following people to get in games.

Sea of Thieves


Call of Duty

@mnvikesfan may also be in PUBG
@FouR187 may also be in PUBG


@mnvikesfan may also be in CoD
@rabb Rabb
@APMech12 may also be in the Division
@Four187 may also be in CoD

The Division


@LudwigVonTokkenTakke AKA AgentBond001 on PS4
@CheeseNeck PS4


@Rabb may be on Fortnite
@Sniper_T1 may also be on Destiny2

Fortnite PS4



@SoInZane PS4


I’ll be on and am trying to figure out wtf I want to do. I am most likely going to take advantage of the Division Global Event going on right now. I need that Alpha Bridge 6 piece. I could also be swayed into some CoD or PUBG.

I have an away basketball game so not sure when I will be home. Probably will be on ESO.

I will most likely be farming in the Division.

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ESO dungeons @ESOPlayers? Destiny is vanilla reset so prolly not…that said i heard that there is a super fast high dps only 2 phase (or less) way to beat raid lair if the destiny players want to try that this weekend @DestinyPlayers

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It’s a toss up between PUBG and division. The division has got its hooks back into me so I’ll more than likely be on there.

I can’t seem to stop playing Fortnite (StW).

However, I am up to play anything if others want to play something else.
I will run a party, feel free to jump in whatever you are playing!

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Why not, the Global event is for a week. Might as well run that. Fireteams are the same size. I’ll be back on CoD or PUBG for community night afterwards.

Pubg and Cod probably be on between 6-7, I’ll invite everyone I see hahahahahaha

I will be on Destiny but may switch if we can’t get a party together. Maybe ESO.

@valiantvictory I planned on trying to get a raid together Saturday so if we have a way to get through it lets do it. We can post a LFG tomorrow for Saturday. Is there a video on this?

I’ll be chilling on The Division grinding out the event and cursing my rng luck, then I might hop on D2 and curse my luck and or Bungie


I’m gonna attempt to be on The Division tonight. Probably around 10pm EST. I’m on the xbox if anyone else is gonna be on. If you see me, shoot me a message or something.

Look forward to it.

I will most likely be playing some Division or Wildlands tonight, depending on when the kids decide to stop fighting the inevitable.


posted on raid thread

I will be on D2 but if there is a party for Fortnite I might hop over for a few rounds.

I’ll be on Sea of Thieves beta.

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I will be abusing the 2xp and weapon 2xp tonight on COD.


Both Pubg and COD. should be on around 8:30 CSt