GRG Community Night 1/25

It’s GRG Community Night, Bitches! Let’s squad up and roll some fools. The main star of tonight will be Battlefield 1 which seems to draw a ton of GRG. Hop on in our open party and we’ll get you in a squad. @BattlefieldPlayers. Look for XBox parties with @Lala_Calamari and Sexy @Grex.

We’re looking for volunteers for people to rally GRG that don’t play BF1 (silly rabbit, trix are for kids. Play BF1 and see what GRG can do). TF2, CoD or even Elite Dangerous.

Let us know what game you’ll be on tonight!

Well, I’ll be on at 8 with resident evil 7, but will switch to COD:IW at 9 and we will take it from there.

I am open to Run TF2 if enough people want to play tonight. Let me know. If not I will jump on some ED instead.

I will be on BF1 around 9 GRG Standard Time (GST).

I’ll be on bf1 if I don’t succumb to my plague first.

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I’ll be on between 9 and 9:30 playing BF1.

Ready for some BF1 assuming I can stay awake until 9.

I will be on for some BF 1 lots of leveling up to do

Sorry … Got to work but if I could I would . The first thing I would do would be to run over Lala with a tank and then in spin the tank in a circle over his body.

I should be on tonight for some BF1 action!

Add me ps4 battlefield 1
I’ll be on around 9 pm eastern if someone invites me

I miss you as well, Hawk.

The 'ol lady wants to have a “talk” tonight. So…yeah I’ll be on for some BF1. Maybe.