GRG Community Night 1/3 - First Community Night of 2018

It’s GRG’s first weekly Community Night of 2018. We sure don’t have a shortage of games to play now. Take your pick, or play all of them throughout the night. We’ll have parties all over the place.

So let us know what you’re playing and when you’ll be on. Let’s squad up and kick some ass!

@codplayers @DestinyPlayers @PUBGPlayers @ArkPlayers @ForzaPlayers


I’ll be on PUBG more than likely. I’ll be on sometime between 8-9 EST.

I’ll be on about 7 EST as usual.

Not sure what to play, probably Fortnite BR, Warframe or D2 - depending on what’s popular or who wants help.

I’ll have a party running for PS4 folks.

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I will likely be on D2 (PS4) and doing Night Falls, Crucible and helping anyone out… may mix in a little Fortnite BR as well

I’m having a hard time getting re-interested in PUBG so I’ll probably be having a Just Cause 3 feat fight with any of my Steam friends who own it.

Also lots of random survival games, but those aren’t really community night material.

PUBG or Fortnite.

Gonna start with COD tonight and see what happens.

@beers_and_leafs If there’s no interest showing in SW:BF2 then I’ll join in on your Party tonight for COD.
Otherwise I’ll try and host any group who would like to run SW:BF2.


I’ll be trying my luck for a chicken dinner on PUBG. Prob jump on around 830ish. Hopefully the back seat ms Daisy’s can keep from putting a round thru the back of my skull tonight. LoL


Got my first squad chicken dinner today and I’ll be pubg for tonight lets do this


Like a sighting of a majestic unicorn, it is rare that I can actually attend a community night. But tonight is one of those night @pcgamers what is everyone doing tonight

i will be on pubg fueled with rage.

I will be on Destiny for a bit tonight. Any interest in trying to get the rings on the new raid? @DestinyPlayers?

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I’ll be in deep space traveling through the milky way galaxy in my new Adder. Elite Dangerous for me tonight.

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PUBG most likely. I’ll be on by 8

D2 for sure…@Sniper_T1 maybe but with so much other weekly reset stuff to do wanna just crank on that 1st then do the raid this weekend and get that chest…I think its a 1x chest like the one in the lighthouse

Don’t game with @Grex then.

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Milestones it is then!

Crucible some noobs. Oh wait, we are the noobs.

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I will be jumping on here on a bit. Gonna try to run some D2 if the internet here decides it wants to work