GRG Community Night 10/11

Just a reminder that tonight is GRG’s community night. Obviously the main focus for most will be some Iron Banner action. Can you be the leader of your tater group?

We’ll also have some guys running Battlegrounds, Forza 7, Fortnite, and various other games. Let us know what you’re playing and party up. Don’t game alone!

@DestinyPlayers, @ForzaPlayers @PlayStationPlayers @BattlefieldPlayers


I will likely be on the race track taking my slow ass time driving around in Forza 7.

IB here on Xbox

I assume there are a whole bunch who will be up for Iron Banner again, even though our winning streak definitely ended last night.

@PlayStationPlayers let us know what you’re playing.

I’ll be on d2 most of the night

I will be on Destiny 2 tonight kicking ass in the Iron Banner. Just typical Lala / Hunter stuff. You all wouldn’t understand.

If you guys want to win every match, join on me. My backpack is very large!

It’s a bit up in the air for me since my girlfriend just got some bad news. If I am on, I won’t hesitate to group up though.

Lala, if I jump on, I’ll send you a join request.

I will be on trying to win that sweet fur lined cape.

I’m on the SexBox.

Destiny’s version of Uggs. A must have for any Hunter!

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Why would you put that image in my head? I still want it but now I can’t wear it in public and will be ashamed to admit I own it.

I forgetted…

Hope everything turns out OK man.

Thanks. I’m sure we will persevere.

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go down on her

If someone doesn’t mind carrying me through (not even sure if I’m a level that can even do iron banner, level 20 240 little blue box level) I’d love to join or just anything. I’ll be on from 5:15 eastern time until whenever I’m sick of people’s :smile:

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  • Reached Level 20
  • Completed the story/campaign
  • Speak to Lord Saladin in the social space to kick-start it off

PL doesn’t matter, so 240 is fine.
Pick your favourite gear and subclass setup - you’ll be ready to go.

I will be on D2 again playing IB probably for sure and finishing the flashpoint. @Need_Rounds_Now and I got robbed last night so to speak. We were at 95% did a public event and after it we both were still at 95% completion. Anyone ever had that happen to them before? I will complete it tonight. It was just strange.