GRG Community Night 11/1

Just a reminder that tonight is GRG’s community night. Let’s group up, have a drink and shoot people in the face. What’s everyone playing tonight? Who’s looking to group up? Let’s form some squads.

We’ll have people in Destiny 2, Battlegrounds, Forza 7, Fortnite, and various other games. Let us know what you’re playing and party up. Don’t game alone!

@DestinyPlayers @ForzaPlayers @PlayStationPlayers @PCGamers @BattlefieldPlayers @codplayers

I’ll be on the x1 tonight! Look forward to playing with some of y’all :smiley:

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I will be on around 9-9:30 est looking to do whatever. Destiny or Fortnite.

I’m out. Road trip to central pa today to pick up new pup tomorrow. I plan on drinking my fill of iron city beer while telling steeler/eagles fans to suck it New England style.


I can’t hear you over the awesomeness of Wentz! All Hail Wentz!

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what kind of pup you getting?

I’ll give you one of mine. They’re already trained to “enjoy” peanut butter.

@DestinyPlayers Let’s fucking raid tonight. Need 5 of you fuckers to sign up. Stop being pussies and get your shit together.

If no one is interested then I’ll be in Fortnite. Wrecking fools.

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Getting another sheltie. She’s from same breeder and parents as last pup we got last summer.

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I would like to raid…dunno much, will be on at 9 edt

looking like we got enough for a possible XB1 Raid party. I will get on Destiny at first and see if we can get one going.

My friend InsaneChaos00 has joined the Xbox part of the clan(still needs to join here) he will join at 9pm …I think we will need 3?

Best dog I had was a Sheltie

Doesn’t look like we have enough for a D2 Raid on PS4 tonight.
@Scuba_Steve1984 - we could always try LFG if you still want to.

@PS4Players, let us know what you’ll be playing - maybe we can join up in something else instead.

I’ll be online and seeing what people are interested in playing.

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No worries. I’m still playing either way. We can party up when I get on and go from there. I haven’t done any reset stuff yet, and my Hunter is still finishing the story, so plenty to do.

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You old farts better let me Raid with you! I just have to be done before 10 so I can go to bed.

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I’m going to try to be on D2 at some point tonight. It might be to late to catch any of you, but if I see you on I will try to join in and see what is going on.

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I will be on running milestones starting about 7:00 est. Starting with flashpoint and then hopefully we can get a group together for some crucible.

I’m up for it, if you have enough invite me.I may or may not be on already playing AC waiting for people to get on. Or, maybe if you’re not on around 9, I’ll jump over to D2 and start a party.