GRG Community Night 11/11

GRG’s Community night will be huge with the release of Black Ops 3. We’re expecting several full private lobbies on both Consoles. Give rank whoring a break and join in on the pure ASS Hatery that is a GRG CoD Clan night. We will be playing several different odd ball game types. Rambo matches, John Woo Matches and of course the infamous Sandy Vag Match (shotguns only CTF).

Please let us know if you’ll be on and on what system. We need to make sure we have enough lobbies running.

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I will be there, Sniper T1 on the X1.

Klown and i are throwing some ideas out in this thread gonna look around forums and such for more so we can have things set up instead of being idle trying to remember ideas.

I will be running a room for Private matches on Black Ops 3 on PS4

Update: Working tonight now so I won’t be around, I will watch the shenanigans on twitch

I will be on the X1

On the One playing whatever and drinking.

I’ll be partaking in the CoD festivities on Xbox One

Oh man I wasn’t planning on buying CoD but I see all you jerkies talking about playing, and I really don’t want to wait until Division to play with you guys. RB6 was the only other game that seemed to get my attention. I may pick it up on the way home from work, I need to put a couple pre-orders in anyway.

If you only get it for community nights and one night tournaments, it’s worth it. We have a blast with the custom game modes!

I will be there but grumpily since I won’t be in the wasteland instead. Prepare for me to ax plenty of people.

I’ll be on the one and I intend to be fully intoxicated

Yeah, I’ll be on blops 3 as well.

Bought CoD, Pizza and Mountain Dew, downloading updates and all that right now. Also preordered Rainbow 6 and Division while I was there.

Should be ready to go a little after 9 when kids are in bed

What a pain in the assignment that was tonight.
Hopefully it is fixed before next week.