GRG Community Night 11/15,fl_lossy,q_auto/v1/gameskinnyc/c/o/m/community-gaming-2497a.jpg

Take a break from gaining rank and unlocking your pretty guns for some private GRG action in COD. Get ready for some crazy matches and quite possibly our famous sandy vagina matches!

If COD isn’t your thing, there will likely be some Destiny action going, some PUBG, playing with poop in Ark, or some light saber swinging in Battlefront 2. Make sure you let everyone know where you will be tonight (even if it playing some My Little Pony game…we don’t judge). Let’s get some hot, sweaty, GRG action going. Don’t game alone!

@codplayers @DestinyPlayers @BattlefieldPlayers @PlayStationPlayers @pcgamers

I’ll be on COD for some hot dumpster fire action.



I’ll be on CoD as well. We need to run another round of Gridiron on U.S.S Texas. That was fun.

We also need to determine the Sandy Vag match. That’s usually HC CTF Shotties only. Need a good map for that.

I’ll be on for some CoD!

I plan on being in some COD private match hotness. I will however if a handful of people respond in here they will be on Battlefront jump over and run a room.

Either cod or battlefront 2 for me.

I’ll be on later, but will see if there are any still playing COD and join in.

I’m interested to see what the private match dumpster fire looks like…count me in for that as long as there is marshmallows.

Marshmallows soaked in Everclear roasted by the fart flames of our very own cave man KFK.


i am a very slight maybe tonight. still going a flooring project going on so nothing is hooked up. supposed to finish my living room today. if so i maybe be able to get it hooked up.

I have an Ark server on Xbox that someone has someone every night. Space is limited, but if interested let me know.

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Ill be on by 10 for some hot COD action

I should be on by 9 for COD.

Doubt I’ll be on. I have an electrician looking at my circuits, but it’s looking like my power brick for the xbone is fried and it was tripping the circuit.

Gonna see if I can get my kid will let me use his block.

Canadian speak for getting his pipes cleaned.

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I may hop in for dumpster fire action. My connection is being wonky, so we’ll see.

Dumpster fires da best!

what time do we kick the tires and light the fires?