GRG Community Night 11/28/18

It’s time for the night where GRG gets together and shows how mature and thoughtful we as gamers…by drinking some beverages and bullshitting the night away with our community. Let us know what your plans are for tonight and squad up. Never game alone!

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I’ll probably start with RDR2 Online and then switch over to FO76.

I will be on Fallout 76 on PC.

I will probably be on Battlefield on Xbox.

I’ll be on Battlefield 5 for XBox tonight.

I’ll be on BOPS4 Blackout or Battlefield V or Fallout 76 or maybe all three at some point @PlayStationPlayers

Should be on around 8pm EST

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May try getting into RDR Online, otherwise looking at Fallout 76 on PC or Xbox if not many are playing on PC.

sjam613GRG Overlord


I will be on Fallout 76 on PC.


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You sometimes turn in early. It’s like you’re trying to beat Dig for earliest bedtime sometimes.

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I’ll be on and ready for another win last night didn’t go so well

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BFV or FO76.

I’ll have a party running regardless, though it won’t be a late one for me tonight.

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I may try to break my 5 game losing streak for gambit…otherwise will be generally cranking out stuff in D2…maybe someone wants to run blind well or shattered throne with me? @destinyplayers

Count me in…I’ll be on and ready to run anything that can get me some powerful gear

RD2O, maybe BF5

I’m down for Destiny or Fallout76. Hell. I’ll even be up for The Division as well. Put me in coach!
@PlayStationPlayers @Fallout76Players @destinyplayers

From the Desk of Intelligence,


I’ll be on fallout 76 Xbox in about a hour!!!

If i only had an xbox again…

Good times tonight in Fallout 76 on PC with @D1G1TALC1PHERS @ExtraAmo and @anon42851937