GRG Community Night 12/14

It’s GRG’s Community Night. Let’s all gather up, grab a drink of choice and shoot each other in the face.

We have several games set for tonight’s community night. Something for everyone! Expect to see the Destiny neckbeards (@DestinyPlayers) grinding away in search of more and better loot. The CoD die hards playing with their Space Marines (or old school MW remake) (@CODPlayers). Then we’ll have squads running rampant on the Battlefield for BF1 (@BattlefieldPlayers). Maybe @HAWKLANDER and @Gunny will run into WW1 NPCs that they met during the Great War! Don’t forget some Titanfall 2 action on the XB1 and PS4 (@TitanfallPlayers) and finally the Gearheads in GoW4 (@GoWPlayers).
Look for things to pick up around 9:00PM EST.

So what are you playing and on what console?

As always, feel free to join in on any GRG Staff Member.

I’ll be on for some BF1 action.

i am a maybe tonight. Dad is in town. If i get on it will be on BF1.

I’m up for anything. Sparrow racing with a fireteam sounds like fun. However I think I’m gonna check out the new BF1 content to start with.

Have a dinner with some co-workers but will be on for BF1 after that.

BF1 for me.

I will be mean to you so you’re not on my team.

BF1 FTW! Maybe this week we can all be on the same team. :sunglasses:

I’ll be on BF1 on the ps4. Hopefully we can get a squad going.

I think @Cptnkillr and @catsweat will be on bf1 on the ps4. Not sure who else from the @PlayStationPlayers


@DuvalFunk I will be on PS4 BF1 around 8pm est. I’ll look for ya

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Have my daughter’s music concert tonight so I likely am out.

Thank god. I want to win and PTFO.

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I may be there after all to screw if up.

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Hung around PlayStation land for a bit didn’t see anyone… off to the Xbox side

Hopping on now!

Good games tonight. The new map is tough. C and D are a meat grinder. We then switched over to the regular maps. I was on until about 10:30. Then my kid accidentally hit the surge protector that powers the router and shut it off. By the time I got back on everyone bailed.

Odd thing was, my XBox lost it’s IP address. Went back to DHCP. I had a lovely strict NAT. I put the old IP in and back to Open. Just weird that it dumped the address.

Everything about that new map is great. The rain, the fog makes for some tense moments. I hope future maps bring that same type of intensity