GRG Community Night - 12/19/18

It’s time for the night where GRG gets together and shows how mature and thoughtful we as gamers…by drinking some beverages and bullshitting the night away with our community. Let us know what your plans are for tonight and squad up. Never game alone!

@PCGamers make sure to look at the picture above as that likely is the closest you get to seeing Atlas tonight!

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Though I made fun of it, I will be hoping to get some Atlas in. If not then it will be Farming Simulator with the Potato Squad.

If Atlas is working I will be there hunting for booty. If not FarmSim or FO76 will work.

I don’t know what the download size of Atlas will be but I imagine it’d take me all day to download. I’ll just stick to Farm Sim until the requisite launch issues get sorted out.

The download is 30 GB but requires 100GB HD space to install.

Gotta get that forge open…(destiny 2)

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I will be playing COD like a gentleman

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I’ll be grinding out the forge opening when I get home tonight.

I’ll be down for some Gambit or some CoD Blackout.

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Not sure yet, perhaps FO76 and I can start building a permanent base finally?

More than likely grinding to that 600+ mark on D2, looking to group up for Nightfall and Gambit Milestones.

Prob grind some D2. If not then fire up some blackout.

I’ll be on Cod, depending on numbers either MP or Blackout

Quiet night of Blackout with just @beers_and_leafs. There was another 6 playing MP. Really sucked that the last game my XBox locked up. I was feeling it that game. And I missed @shortbus, rage quit after getting locked up (also it was midnight).

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I got 3rd I think after you lagged out.

@shortbus and I got 8th and 3rd

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That sucks as I think we were in a good spot that round. I can’t believe the game locked up.

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