GRG Community Night 12/28

It’s Wednesday, time for GRG’s Community Night. Same Bat time, Same Bat Channel.

Tonight’s main focus will be Battlefield 1. I’m hoping to get large parties rolling on both the XB1 and PS4 (@BattlefieldPlayers @PS4Players). We’ve been spread out too often and it’s time to rally the troops and bullshit in the lobby! Good spirits and good drinks are welcomed and encouraged. Good play? Well this is GRG, we don’t expect much (tater central). Look for XBox parties with @Lala_Calamari and Sexy @Grex.

That said, I don’t want to ignore gamers that play different games. We will have @beers_and_leafs and @Ahobbs2121 in CoD IW for the XB1 (@CODPlayers). If anyone wants to step up and run a Titanfall 2 room (@TitanfallPlayers) or a Gears of War room (@GoWPlayers), let us know here.

Look for things to pick up around 9:00PM EST.

As always, feel free to join in on any GRG Staff Member.

I’ll be on Battlefield 1 provided Verizon repairs my fiber run to my house.

I be BF1, ready to crash parties.

I’ll be on BF1.

I’m up at loon mountain in nh with gf and her folks. Xbox wasn’t allowed to travel so I’m out.


I will be on Battlefield around 9pm est.

Like a rented mule.


Again, I will try COD first

Hoping to get on some BF1.

Come to the dark side!

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Verizon fucked me again. They skipped out on the repair.

Might just connect via mobile Hotspot.

I will be on around 9 est…

Be on sometime round 9. Mebbe bit earlier

I’ll try COD like last week, but if nobody shows I’ll go over to BF1.

I’ll be on in about an hour (9pm CST) for some BF1 if any of you are still around.

Good times with a full party tonight.

@Kahuner @bigtrees86 @Bowlringer @DuvalFunk @ezekielJP @FetalInjury @Grex @SALT @anon42851937

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@Lala_Calamari @nappa98 @TheBodyFarmer @WhiskyTango7531 TooFat and Hamm

Good games tonight. I managed to get on using my iPhone as a hotspot. It worked pretty well. I used 2 GBs for the 2 hours I was on. Not too bad.

We had a ton on tonight. Full party with people waiting to get in.

Still feel bad for that lady that won’t get dialysis now.

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