GRG Community Night 2/1 Franks and Beans Edition

It’s GRG Community Night, Bitches! Let’s squad up and roll some fools. We’ll be focusing on Battlefield 1 on the XBox (@BattlefieldPlayers). Look for XBox parties with @Lala_Calamari. We’ll also have a large group playing the new Conan Exiles PC game. If interested in playing then get on @D1G1TALC1PHERS’s Conan Server! Also make sure to join our Discord Server to get in voice chat. Finally, @beers_and_leafs will be running a team on CoD IW (@CODPlayers).

We’re looking for volunteers for people to rally GRG that don’t play BF1 (silly rabbit, trix are for kids. Play BF1 and see what GRG can do). TF2, or even Elite Dangerous.

Let us know what game you’ll be on tonight!

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Will be on Conan tonight.

On COD tonight Zombies and MP.

I’ll be on Conan



BF1 tonight. New headset ready to go.

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I’ll be on bf1.

Though that is the name of a clan in Conan, does this mean the return of someone for this edition?

Will shoot for some BF1 fighting the flu this week so mic will be off most of time so you dont have to listen to me coughing in your ear. :mask: I know you never hear me anyway but it will be intentional this time.

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I should be on for some BF1 tonight!

Fun games last night, I protected the bottom of the scoreboard most games - you’re welcome. I did finally hit rank 2 with scout though and got the achievement, so i never have to use a sniper rifle again :slight_smile:

You never had to use it in the first place. Achievement hunting is silly. There are guns in BF1 that I’ll never touch.

Anyway good games last night. Good sized crowd. That Suez map can suck a fat one, it’s so lopsided. They really need to address it.

Finally, I think we need to work on playing as a squad better. Several times I’d get to the B area Suez but none of my squad would spawn on me (or just one) so we could never really mount an offense.

Think your squad work well together**- Operation Let lala die over and over again** was a major success ! Good job guys !

@BattlefieldPlayers To the rest of the group, good games lastnight!!! Some of the battles were epic.

maybe just an after thought- Don’t let 2fat/Tong Po have a tank- Just silly

Can’t really control that. And Tanks are too OP. You need to have at least 2 people shooting at it, 3 or more for someone like 2fat. I couldn’t get people to spawn on me to flank enemies.

You did a great job using your squad as bait though. Every time I killed two or three of them on the last map when it swapped teams, you were running around a corner to shoot my ass. Points are points!

@APMech12 is perfect bait. I even got another Battlepack for that match.

BTW, the MG15 N.A. Storm is my new favorite toy. 100 round per belt. Great sight. Almost no recoil even when standing and firing. Then it hits like a truck. I highly recommend this gun for Support.

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I’ll keep that in mind when I start to mess around with other classes. I’ve mostly been using the Medic class to unlock the final rifle. Support is next on my list. I really only play the game Wednesdays with GRG.

When does 2fat/Tong Po NOT have a tank? LOL

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