GRG Community Night 2/24 XB1 Rocket League Tournament!

Join us for our weekly GRG Community night. When we try to gather as many GRG members into multiplayer and shoot each other in the face. This week the XBox crowd gets their shot at a Rocket League Tournament. Make sure to watch the Twitch feeds as Lala Calamari will be dominating all competition!

This week's Community Night Events

Rocket League Tournament - XB1 [D1G1TALC1PHERS]( - Games start at 9:00 PM EST (Da Official TYM)

Destiny - PS4 - catsweat - Forever chase the shinies in Destiny!

RB6 - PS4 - LanceHung

BLOPS3 - PS4 - Klown4Life - Come see his “Legendary” rifle.


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Red Rocket gonna drop our balls in their “goals”!

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We didn’t officially name our team but it is quite simple…“We got Dig” is ready to play with big balls.

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I’ll be playing PvZ: Garden Warfare 2 if people want to join the fight.

Some clips…