GRG Community Night 2/7/18

It’s time for our community night! We sure don’t have a shortage of games to play now. Take your pick, or play all of them throughout the night. We’ll have parties all over the place.

So let us know what you’re playing and when you’ll be on. Let’s squad up and kick some ass! Don’t game alone!

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I should be on Monster Hunter.

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I will be starting the night on COD

I’ll be in Call of Duty as well.

I think I will be on The Division

I’ll be working till 11pm central not sure if I’ll be on or not seeing how they got me coming in at 8am tomorrow morning

I am working again tonight. But next week I start weekend shift so maybe now I can get in on some of the community night action

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I’ll be on early (like 1-4 then 10-12 or so) then late as its a snow day…so likely I will keep cleaning up shit/quests in ESO…Got down to 17 last night…than later if anyone wants to run nightfall or IO in @DestinyPlayers please invite me over…I’m still playing…some

Albion Online/ Monster Hunter

I’ll probably be on playing some GRW tonight. Anyone else interested in teaming up?

Hoping to get a new headset today to replace my M$ stock 1. If so, I’ll play a little PUBG, then probably jump to Ark.

Down for ESO, Overwatch or PUBG.

Dealing with a disaster at the office, so who knows when I’ll get home let alone if I get online. That said, if I do, will be killing the monsters for certain. Game is pure crack.

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I’d like to get a group to do the predator mission

I’m going to be in ESO tonight to help anyone who needs it …
Also, I’m hoping we can get some Lowbee Cyrrodill action in…
@valiantvictory and I had a blast in Cyrodill last night.
If there are 2 or 3 other adventurous souls out there, I’ll be willing to hop into the Kyne campaign for a while. I want to keep practicing my heal rotations and back bar swapping to keep Siege Shields up with AOE HOTs running side by side with the Siege Shield. It was working real well last night. But I need more practice keeping my Magica regen’d.

I’ll either be in an Xbox party or the Guild Chat if anyone wants to hop on and get crazy.

I’ll be hunting some monsters if anyone wants to join me this evening

I might also do some D2 stuff or even do D1 if anyone is down for it

Maybe The Division if I feel like hopping on it.

I’ll be on COD or possibly PUBG tonight.

I will be on D2 tonight running Milestones if anyone is interested. May switch later depending on the interest.

I will be monster hunting. Find me in the grg session.

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