GRG Community Night 2/8

It’s GRG Community Night, Bitches! Let’s squad up and roll some fools. We’ll be focusing on Battlefield 1 on the XBox (@BattlefieldPlayers). Look for XBox parties with @Lala_Calamari. We’ll also have a large group playing the new Conan Exiles PC game. If interested in playing then get on @D1G1TALC1PHERS’s Conan Server! Also make sure to join our Discord Server to get in voice chat. Finally, @beers_and_leafs will be running a team on CoD IW (@CODPlayers).

Let us know what game you’re playing and when you’ll be on!

Pro-Tip (and just the tip) - Just hop right into our open parties. We’ll get you in game then. We’re old and forgetful. Sometimes we forget to scan our Friends lists to spam invites.

Looking for some help here. I need someone to start the BF1 party / room. I have to play Taxi for my kid tonight and may be a bit late.

I’ll be on for some BF1 but too anti-social to get the party started.

I’ll be on BF1 tonight. If I’m in before anyone just join in on me.

Yep, COD tonight with the tumbleweeds.

I’ll be chasing Kahura around the Exiled Lands. TITTIES!!!

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Hop over BF1.

BTW, I did post up recruitment posts for CoD (and BF1) at Reddit and CoD’s forums. Trying to find you a friend.

I’ll be playing Schlong Simulator 17 (aka, Conan).

BF1 if the server craps out.


If you play BF1 you’ll be playing the Schlong Simulator in 2fat’s tank.

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I should be on time tonight after all. My plans got changed.

I’ll be on IW

The tumbleweeds number two now

10 more and we could get some private games going


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Good games to all those that played last night.

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