GRG Community Night 4/26

It’s GRG’s weekly Community Night. Let’s gather up and shoot some shit. Let’s get a few rooms running. I know we’ll have a BF1 lobby. Any interest in a BLOPS2 group? Also, our PC crew will be running either Battlegrounds or ARMA. @codplayers @BattlefieldPlayers.

Expect parties to start forming up around 9.

Pro-Tip (and just the tip) - Just hop right into our open parties. We’ll get you in game then. We’re old and forgetful. Sometimes we forget to scan our Friends lists to spam invites.

i will be on BF1 being a better medic than @Lala_Calamari

Lies, I offer sponge baths with my heals. What do you offer?

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Battlegrounds for me. Who’s up for a chicken dinner tonight?

Pocket pool for me. Everyone is invited.

Is battlegrounds as fun as it looks?

I thought you only played away games.


Yes yes yes. A big fat yes. I love it. I have almost 60 hours played.

Hell yes it is. I can’t get enough. It makes normal shooters boring. PJ and I won our last game of the night last night. It took an hour for my heart to stop racing enough for me to relax and go to bed.

Not many games can give you the rush this game does.

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I am really considering picking it up. I have not ever played a shooter on PC though and that is kind of hanging me up. Plus I have a laptop and not sure it will run great on it.

PJ is the master in setting up a Xbox controller for PUBG. It’s the only way he can play due to back issues. He holds his own just fine.

What are your laptop specs?

This is the laptop I bought

You should be fine.

BF1 for me, lets do dis!

You want to do Disney? ewww.


Haha. No thank you.

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Catch you all on BF1 in just a few hours :slight_smile:

If I’m back from a ball game in time I’ll jump on.

Looks like xbox live took a dump. Cant sign in.