GRG Community Night 4/5

Join GRG for another weekly edition of our Community Night. When we all try to rally up together and kick some ass online. Maybe we can get the GRG BF1 server set up for some TDM or Conquest @BattlefieldPlayers . We’ll also have our ever growing PC crowd balls deep into Battleground. Hopefully they stream it so we can see GRG battle the great blue wall of death!

Expect parties to start forming up around 9.

Pro-Tip (and just the tip) - Just hop right into our open parties. We’ll get you in game then. We’re old and forgetful. Sometimes we forget to scan our Friends lists to spam invites.

I have a ball meeting at 8pm, so I should be able to get on before 9:30. And yes, I will be playing BF1.

Hoping to play some Battlegrounds or Golf With Friends.

I’ll be on BF1 tonight. I wouldn’t mind a few quick rounds of Frontlines! :laughing:

Think I gonna cave and get premium. I will be on tonight reviving GRGs like a mufucka!

If you don’t mind gaining zero XP and zero access to new weapons/vehicles…you can piggyback with any of your premium friends. New feature…there’s a thread close by with more explanation.

If should be on tonight. Best time for me is usually 9pmCST (10pm EST) I feel like when I get around most everyone is done. Maybe I can get on a bit earlier. BF1 FTW!

Im going to be on a little later tonight so I keep my eye out for ya

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I’m not sure what my problem was other than I was an MLG Bullet / Grenade Catcher. Damn, I got worked.

I did manage to shoot @APMech12 down so it was worth it.

Great games in Battlefield 1 last night. Had a great time with @Hogarthehuge @SALT @Jonahuephigam @Azalin4savioR @necrofraggle @Sniper_T1 @PPCtoofat4u357 @WhataFrick @Shadowboxer @Grex @Ripply @bigtrees86 @GrayBush @DirtyD125 @APMech12 @DuvalFunk @beers_and_leafs

I think that’s most of who I recall playing last night - any other @BattlefieldPlayers that I forgot, let me know or tag them here.


Had a great time last night, but my party chat kept crashing because of the “network setup”. My NAT type is open so I don’t know what is going on. Has anyone else had this problem recently? Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve seen that a couple of times, and my NAT type is either open, or switching consistently between Strict and Open. Typically a hard reboot is the answer when that happens.

Yeah, I did that. Hopefully that will fix it. Thanks.

I’ve had it a few times and it’s usually when I first get into a party. I pull out the chat adapter and shove it back in, and it works.

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Yeah it was a pity kill. I felt bad after hearing you say over and over how you weren’t getting any kills. I figured what the hell and gave you one. No need to thank me. Your confidence boost is all that matters. Lmao.


Thanks, it really means a lot that you put that effort forward.

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