GRG Community Night 5/22

Alright boys and girls it’s that time of the week again. It’s GRG’s weekly Community Night! Let’s get some squads formed and get some games in together. Post up what you’re playing tonight! Never Game Alone!

BTW, the PS4 Division players are organizing a raid for tonight. Stop by this thread and sign up if interested.

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I’ll be looking to raid on The Division 2 (PS4) should be on around 8 or 9 EST. I’ll get a party started.

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I will be on tonight for sure to run zero hour @destinyplayers and whatever anyone else want too

I will be continuing the grind to 30 on Division 2 PC aound 9pm Eastern

I will be on Destiny also.

@Grex You still setting up an XBox Division raid?

I may be on, but it will be late. Son has a game at 8:30, so I don’t think I’ll have time to try the raid. Maybe just run a few matches of @codplayers

I’ll be on, but rocking Halo 5 tonight for the Mixer Matchup tournament. If there are any secret Halo 5 lovers who would like to join, hit me up

Most here would do more harm than good. @Grex and I put some time in H5 but it’s been so long.

Yup. I will trying to get a party together on Xbox around 9pm EST.

@Godofbiscuits0 - yeah its been so long and if i hadn’t already made an event for Division i might have been swayed for this.

Did someone say Halo 5 ??? That would be awesome.

Too bad it’s been so long for a lot of us. We would only make it worse

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Sorry for the no show for the raid tonight. It was my uoungest’s 16th today and I didn’t expect all the grandparents to hangout after dinner. I didn’t get on until 10pm and too late to get frustrated by Boomer.

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Dew better slacker!

I was actually going to hop my lowbie self onto Div2 this evening to rock my lvl5 awesomeness.

But I forgot that the all in the family/Jefferson’s Live show was on. It was really well done. Marissa Tomei was fantastic as Edith. Great show all in all.

Next week I may be able to jump in and hopefully fit in someone’s backpack before then to level up a little bit more. Probably not raid ready, tho

We attempted the raid with @GreyJedi @Mcriddle93 @TwistedGunsmith @DarkNiteRaven @reznok-1 @versetheworld @ljmacnair13 and then had to throw in the towel when we started dropping like flies to go to bed. Our first attempt was our best run but were getting better and getting more folks familiar with it.

@GreyJedi @versetheworld and myself ended the night helping @legion level up a bit while @Mcriddle93 took a trip on memory lane in The Division 1 DZ

Good games everyone!


also sorry i was not able to get on last night. Family decided to throw a wrench into my plans.

Sorry about leaving so abruptly. A car decided it wanted to jump the curb and knock down a power pole causing my area to lose power till about 4am.

I really appreciate the help getting to 29 and now I can hit 30 today while the kid naps.


I got on late and played some CoD with @HAWKLANDER, @mnvikesfan, and @beers_and_leafs. It’s rough playing TDM with randos as we flip flopped spawns more often then @Gunny downs the Coors.

Not sure why a rando going 5-20 has to run to the opposing teams spawn. Fucking ANCHOR that shit and lock it down.

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Yeah no worries I figured something happened to cause you to DC.

Were always happy to help. Once you hit 30 we can run some more and give you some good gear… be geared up real quick. We can have you join one of our sessions and drop some 490+ gear for you and we can blast through your invaded stuff.