GRG Community Night 6/27/18

It’s time for our community night! Games, games, games everywhere! Take your pick, or play all of them throughout the night. We’ll have parties all over the place.

So let us know what you’re playing and when you’ll be on. Let’s squad up and kick some ass! Never game alone!

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I will be playing GTA Online on Xbox. If no one is playing on Xbox I could jump over to PC if people there want to play. I am a lvl 1 though.

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I should be on and would be interested in GTA Online on Xbox.


I’ll be on destiny but I’ll be on later.

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I’ll be on after the kids pass out. Hopefully it’s early. I don’t have D2, but I’m up for almost anything. I’ll be on PS4. Probably play Rocket League, R6 Siege, Killing Floor 2 or Dying Light. Hopefully I can make up my mind by tonight haha.

I’ll be on ESO (XBox). Finally hit 50 so know I need to work on the CP points. Will look to run the daily dungeon and the two Undaunted dungeons.

When are you hitting these? I think I’m up for some dungeon runs tonight.

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@ESOPlayers I’ll be running Dungeons all night and running a Community Night Party stream.

I have 5 freaking characters I can do dailies dungeons with, 3 of them are Undaunted ready…
I doubt I’ll actually run all of my characters through, but I’m hoping to get at least 2 done.
Look for my open party and join on me. (unless you already have one open, and then I’ll join on you)
I’ve got about 2 acres of old garden plot to mow tonight after work, so I’ll be on as soon as I get that done. I imagine it’ll take me until around 8pm Extra Special Time (EST).
@Lala_Calamari - I’m gonna get everything spun up about an hour early to get my gear set up, and get the stream started. We’ll run dungeons with you at your leisure. If things work out well we should have a group of 4 ready to go at any point. We’ll cycle out with each other to make sure everyone gets all the dailies they want done.
We could even think about some Craglorn or Imperial City if ya’ll are interested.
Just in case the esoplayers tag doesn’t catch these guys:

-Shameless Plug-
Replays playing until Community Night Stream is Live

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I should be on around 6:30-7:00 Central

I also got a new mic so hopefully that bs echo is gone

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@Ronin is HeartlessKhan
@jamesfield48 is MeatyShark1

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I will be on tonight I am down to run stuff in D2 or also picked up the division although I am not very far

I’ll be trying to get my 143 tokens for new monarchy would love to run with some new grg peeps

About what time frame are you guys getting on tonight, cuz you know I’m down for some dungeons.

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I’ll hit you up as soon as I get online

I will be running some D2 threw out the day
Psn: StreetRacer15

I’ll be doing some @codplayers tonight about 9

Good time tonight earning some money and goofing off in GTA with @D1G1TALC1PHERS and @SoulTerror

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Thanks to @Sniper_T1 and @Zigography sory i got stuck on a business call but thanks for helping acclimate some of the new guys. Had a blast playing with you when i could.