GRG Community Night 6/7

It’s GRG’s weekly Community Night. Let’s gather up and shoot some shit. Let’s get a few rooms running. As usual, we’ll focus on Battlefield 1. I’d be down for another run through an old Destiny Raid. I’m sure we’ll have a group questing in ESO’s Morrowind as well.

We’ll aslo have some cavemen posers playing Ark. And I’m sure we’ll have @CaptainPeeJ looking for Chicken Dinners in Battlegrounds

@codplayers @BattlefieldPlayers @DestinyPlayers @ESOPlayers

Expect parties to start forming up around 9.

Pro-Tip (and just the tip) - Just hop right into our open parties. We’ll get you in game then. We’re old and forgetful. Sometimes we forget to scan our Friends lists to spam invites.


Chicken dinners for sure tonight. Who’s with me?

Gotta try out my new SteelSeries! Gonna hear those footsteps like never before, right??

I expect you’ll scare yourself with your own breathing


Let’s get a full squad in PUBG tonight!!!

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@BattlefieldPlayers @codplayers @DestinyPlayers @TitanfallPlayers @ESOPlayers

Who’s running what tonight? Group up, feckers.

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I’m on Morrowind tonight. If I can get my PvP toon leveled I want to see what Battlegrounds is about

I have a h2h Madden Game with @D1G1TALC1PHERS but after that I would be interested in a Destiny Raid or IB shenanigans

Shit I’ll play some IB

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I’m down for Destiny or BF1. I’ll see who’s playing what later on. IB is supremacy FYI.

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Lemme grab my shotty


I’m down for eso, or I can do BF1

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I’m either down for ESO or BF1 tonight.

Let me make sure I have my crouching boots on to corner camp too!

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Ah, the @Elgr8one strategy. Lol

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@Lala_Calamari @Sniper_T1 @anon42851937 @necrofraggle @Lootspider jumped in and knocked off most of the world bosses in Morrowind. Hopefully next week we can run some PvP


Yeah, it was fun knocking off those world bosses. That last boss was unreal, we couldn’t do any damage on him.

I also spent part of the night just trying to get started with the new character. So many “maintenance” things to do. Long winded stories. Then having to do the Cold Harbor mission. I did get to level 10+. Would like to get to 15 or 20 for Cyrodiil if we go low level. Otherwise, I’ll bring my NB or Sorc.

I’ve decided I’m going to respec my Mage for PvP instead of leveling 2 new toons. I don’t have the patience to do 2 more. The overhaul is going to take a lot of work. I should have her mostly ready for next Tuesday

I had mine set up for PvP, just needed some more armor. I haven’t used the sorc since Morrowind. I’ll have to reset points. Need to check out new PvP builds. I was running an old Deltia build that worked but was more for Big Group battles (20+ groups fighting other large groups).

Maybe I’ll get the NB in order.

Wow so fun you two make it sound like work. Lol