GRG Community Night 6/8

Join us for another weekly edition of GRG’s Community Night. A night were we rally up the troops and shoot people in the faces. Look for members in lobbies of Overwatch, ARK, Battleborn, Divison and Destiny. Lobbies starting around 9pm EST. As always feel free to join any member party especially GRG staff.

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I’ll be on PS4 around 7PM. I’ll probably be in Overwatch unless someone makes a better offer.

I should be in Overwatch before 9 eastern.

I will be on Overwatch maybe playing with my nephews if they are on at that time but I have no issues people joining with us or us joining others if main room is too full. But I definetly DO NOT want to take people away from playing with community group, so please don’t use me as a first choice if I play with my Nephews tonight, but there if by chance there is overflow.

Or by chance not enough in community night I could invite my 2 nephews into the mix I would appreciate it. I promise they are as behaved as most GRG members :joy:


I should be on, but no sure what time. Most likely somewhere between 7-9 but not sure how long I can play for. I’ll be looking to get into some quick matches. I have not played since this past weekend! Nooooo!

I finally caved and bought Overwatch, so I should be around tonight to complain about Bastion and the gnome turrets with the rest of you.

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I don’t see anyone on ps4–I’ll start a party via the community since I’m probably not friended with whoever is running something now. Come in and save me from playing with randoms.