GRG Community Night 7/19 Destiny 2 Beta Edition!

It’s GRG’s weekly Community Night. Tonight’s Community Night will be extra special with the Destiny 2 Beta out. Small fire teams make grouping up tough but let’s try to get a party going and form a few fireteams. We can tackle some Crucible or try the one strike and BS about what we like, don’t like and of course about peens.

I’m sure we’ll have a few other groups running rooms. Anyone interested in Battlefield 1, Call of Duty, Overwatch, Battlegrounds and the best game out now, Paladins? Let us know here. We’ll need people to step up and start a room.

@codplayers @BattlefieldPlayers @DestinyPlayers @ESOPlayers @PCGamers

Expect parties to start forming up around 9PM EST.

Pro-Tip (and just the tip) - Just hop right into our open parties. We’ll get you in game then. We’re old and forgetful. Sometimes we forget to scan our Friends lists to spam invites.

@PCGamers - we all still up for Miscreated tonight?

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I will be on the destiny 2 beta on X1 around 9pm est and when servers are up during the day.

@MR_DELIVERANCE @CaptainPeeJ @unobtainaballs @D1G1TALC1PHERS I would be down for Miscreated if we want to try it. Just need to figure out what server and a meeting spot.

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Will be on D2 beta on xbone on and off throughout the day.

Does server matter or do we just pick one at random?

It’ll probably be random unless anyone has a preference. One was mentioned in my survival games thread but it was mostly dead and whitelist only when I went to check.

Aside from that, we’ll need to make sure there are enough slots available. Low 40 pop at max? I usually have trouble joining if there are one or two slots left. I suspect there may be reserved slots but I don’t care enough to check.

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D2 on the X1 for me. Will be on by 9 east and hopefully on most of the day after the servers are online. May even stay on past my bedtime at 11 if we have a group.

I would go for a low pop server. It will allow us to gear up and people will join. Every time I join a server with 0-10 people with a group the next thing you know the server is full.

Also look for servers that ban floating bases. Floating bases are the one thing this game needs fixed asap.

I dont have the D2 early beta… I am up for jumping on Miscreated with the @PCGamers

I will be on XB1 day and this evening

Doesn’t matter

Playing what? Don’t leave us in suspense!!!

D2 beta there is a tutorial to go through before you can join fire teams so try and get that done early.


Tutorial / only story mission - but yeah, still good point

Also - if you want all 3 (or at least 2) classes then you’ll need to play that first mission through with each class…

here for the Destiny LOLZ on XB1

I had to do it before multiplayer also

I’ll be on d2 beta tonight as well

I may be on Overwatch in a bit. Don’t have a Mic atm. There’s construction going on in my house. Just shoot me an invite or message if interested

Good fun was had in Miscreated with @CaptainPeeJ, @TheBodyFarmer, @kaulesh, @MR_DELIVERANCE and @D1G1TALC1PHERS.

Most amusement came from happening upon friendlies and being entirely unsure as to whether they were indeed friendlies, even if you had seen them 10 seconds before heading into that very building / room.

A couple of us went rogue on a random group that seemed obsessed with bums and flashlight raves.
For about thirty seconds they couldn’t figure out how one of them had died.

Lastly the minor incident where I fired 12 of my 15 precious rounds at a single zombie.

@CaptainPeeJ was streaming throughout (Twitch? Youtube?) but I’m not sure if the stream is automatically saved.