GRG Community Night 7/22

Alright heathens it’s that time of the week again. It’s GRG’s weekly Community Night! Let’s get some squads formed and get some games in together. We'll have people playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Destiny 2, and various other games Post up what you’re playing tonight! Never Game Alone!

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I’ll be on COD to make Hawklander rage

Im in for some COD. MP or Warzone!

I should be on for COD. Well, I will be, but just not sure when. Gotta drive north for a bit of the night to watch my wifes niece ride a horse…woopee

Yee haw mo fo!

I will be kicking Lalas ass on COD tonight…

I’m playing ESO tonight.

With many many raids to get done maybe we bank out 1 or 2 tonight?

I have been spending some time with No Mans Sky. Currently one other and myself have a decent starter planet for anyone looking for a starter hub. It is currently on gamepass if you want to check it out. It is cross-play for those who want to run it on their system of choice.

I will be on COD.

I’ll be on cod.

I will be sleeping, or jerking off.

GGs to all the CoD folks

@Cootermcgavinii (when his 4g internet worked), @Johneffinggalt, @trcannon (giddy), @Sniper_T1, @FetalInjury, @MrWhiskerBizkit, @DARKAGES71, @DuvalFunk, @DieHardCubFN, @APMech12, @beers_and_leafs, @mnvikesfan @Destroyert1

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