GRG Community Night 7/26

It’s the weekly GRG Community night. Let’s squad up and shoot some shit! What games will you be on and what system?

@BattlefieldPlayers @codplayers @TitanfallPlayers @PCGamers @PlayStationPlayers

I will need someone to step up and start a Battlefield room. I can’t make tonight, have tickets to a game. Who wants to be the cool kid this week? Grex will send nudes.

I will be on the Battlefield around 9pm est.

Tonight, I’ll be playing “try not to get pissed on by a newborn.” It’s super fun and relatively inexpensive to get started, though I hear they get you with the microtransactions as soon as you get invested.

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nothing “micro” about those transactions.

I’ll try to be on. It’ll be Overwatch or BF1 since it’s been a while.

@kaulesh an oldie but a goodie. Gonna try to be on a little earlier tonight. Kids and wife may be out of the house for a couple days. Not sure what I will play yet, BF1, PUBG, or D & L.

I will probably be playing dark and light. Maybe Squad if friends hit me up.

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Might squeeze in a couple of hours of Destiny 1 with @juicemane302 before I log off for the night.

I did ask @Minion1981 whether he’d be around since his gaming hours line up with mine but I think we need to find a game to play as our crossover is not good…

I’m going to blindly stumble around in Paladins tonight.

I will be in Dark and Light tonight with a group.

Good time in Dark and Light tonight with @MohawkViking @TheBodyFarmer @D1G1TALC1PHERS and @anon42851937


I jumped into a BF1 match with a bunch of people I don’t remember. Was having weird problems from the beginning and got dashboarded and dropped from Xbox Live. Ended up playing Overwatch with @anon47610769 for a few rounds and called it a night

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yeah we had quite a few on BF1 probably around 10 in total.

Last game of the night - we got beat, but best squad @Hellscare and @Elgr8one were in the squad but great one bailed just before the best squad screen… you can see it in the screen grab:-)


It’s almost as if for a moment we knew what we were doing! Minus that whole loss part